Monday, April 2, 2007

My Church Wedding Shower 3/31/07

Well, this weekend was my last road trip until I go home again in 2 weeks! I went home to get my wedding dress fitted! This was the first time I had my dress and veil on and it makes it feel more real! I think if I hadn't kept mom talking, she would have started to cry :)

I also went to my friend Sarah's house and got to hang out with her that night. It was so nice to just sit down and talk with her like old times. It took me back to our apartment days. We had fun catching up and eating ice cream!! After that, we both were pooped. I had to get up that morning and get ready for my church wedding shower in Rockwood.

The shower was great! I was surprised by the turn out. So many ladies came and it was nice to have time to have conversations with them, instead of the quick greeting at church. Clint and I also received soooo many presents! This was our biggest haul by far ;) It didn't look like as many gfts as it did when I started opening all of them. People kept bringing more gifts by and it took awhile to finally unwrap all of them. We got some very nice things and my car barely made it back to Murfreesboro. It was so loaded down in the back!!

Even though I won't be traveling, these next two weeks won't be very relaxing. I have to write a huge graduate paper, while trying to study for my comprehensive exam which is on April 14th. Please say a little prayer. My whole graduate degree hangs on this 3 hour test...yikes! But, Clint and I have talked about going to the drive-in this weekend. So, that will be a nice study break!


Brett&Hillary said...

Just wanted to drop a line to tell you both congrats! It must be fun to get all that free stuff!! I wish you both the best!!!

Anonymous said...

mish- i am so happy for the both of you! i think you may have to bring in a mini van to the wedding, i dont think the acura cant handle the wedding load!!!