Sunday, April 8, 2007

Ryann IS HERE!!

We are now Aunt Missy and Uncle Clint!! On Friday at 12:08pm Ryann Madelyn Ingram was born weighing in at 7lbs 13oz. Clint and I are so excited!! Clint's sister Mandy gave birth in Memphis. As soon as we heard, we wanted to get in our car and make the 3.5 hour drive to see the sweet girl and her parents. But, I know (from watching the Baby Story and friend's personal experiences) that the first couple of weeks are the adjustment period and the last thing Mandy and Robert need are 2 more baby grabbers in their house! So now, we are just eagerly waiting for the right time to meet our precious niece! Pictures to follow.


JR and Lindsey said...

How sweet! Do you have any pics to share Auntie?