Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wedding Details

Bridesmaid's Dress=Looks so good on both of the girls!! (Has a slight train in back)

Sarah's Jr.Bridesmaid dress (In black) Annie's Flower girl dress (In black)

Brooke (bridesmaid), Ben(groomsmen), and Clint Joey(Groomsmen) and Clint
My sister Jessica, aka J.Leigh (Maid of Honor)
Clint's father Joe (Best Man)

Well, because I am procrastinating writing my 2nd to last paper EVER in graduate school, I thought I would post some wedding details. I have posted some pictures of the wedding party. I am still searching for pictures of my cousins Sarah and Annie. I have a million of them, but I guess my family gives them to me. Also, I have posted a picture of the bridesmaid's dress, Jr. bridesmaid's dress and the flower girl's dress. I let Sarah and Annie pick their dresses out. They LOVE them and cannot wait to wear them. I'm not posting a picture of my wedding dress b/c I don't want Clint to see it. Sorry, you'll just have to wait for the real thing :)

This is similar to the cake we picked out. It will only be 3 layers with ivory icing. We will have pink ribbon at the bottom and pink flowers only at the top. KatieKakes in Maryville is baking out cake. Her cakes are sooo delicious! All these months of watching my weight...I cannot wait to eat this!! And I will be eating some of it, even if we have to take it with us :)


Anonymous said...

i cant wait to see everything put together! i have no doubt that it will be gorgeous!

JR and Lindsey said...

Love love love it! Oh how exciting to be able to see it all together in just 6 WEEKS!!!!!