Monday, March 26, 2007

Timothy is growing up!

My sweet little Timothy is growing so fast! Clint and I went to visit he and his mother (my best friends since Kindergarten) at Christmas. Already, he is beginning to talk and is running all over the place. This time, Rachel and I took him to the park for about an hour. He had me running all over the place. Until that point, I would have told you I was in shape. I am now re-thinking that :) Boy, was I tired. When I left their house I immediately called Clint to confirm that we weren't going to have kids anytime soon. Right now I'm just enjoying being "Aunt Missy."


JR and Lindsey said...

Aww how cute is he :) You know i would love to be taking a little one to the park haha... you be the smarter one and wait and i will let you be my aunt missy too. HAHAHA just kidding of course, but it was a great thought at first hehehe.