Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Our first Wedding Shower 3/4/07

We just had our first wedding shower this past Sunday. It was at Clint's home church in Kingsport. Boy, do these ladies know how to give a shower. Everything was gorgeous and the food was great. Everyone was so sweet and made me feel very welcome! We received so many was a little overwhelming to us (but in a good way, of course). Clint was the only guy at the shower, so he was feeling a bit out-numbered. He was a good sport though, and I think it made it all worth it when we unwrapped our tent and camping gear! ;)


JR and Lindsey said...

You face it classic when you opened that tent HAHA I love it! I actually think I had the same face at one point because JR got that very same tent. Maybe we can all go camping together now :)