Thursday, August 27, 2009

Antique Finds & House Progress

I wanted to show off our antique finds from last weekend.

Clint's's a Pepsi bank that sorts the coins in slots in the back, pretty neat

Love this sweet little silver lamp!

Couldn't pass up this bird picture!

I'm finally posting pictures of our living room after it has been painted. I have been waiting until I found curtains. I knew exactly what I wanted but it has taken me forever to find them. Actually, it has taken me forever to find a DEAL. You know I never ever buy without a sale. I found these jewels at Pier 1 for $8 bucks a panel...that was 4 for the price of 1 (regular priced)! It was even cheaper than buying fabric by the yard. It was like finding a treasure, it's the small things in life people!


After--We are still searching for a rug and some other accents.

Entry way--Notice the door is a different color than the walls? That was the original wall color...still thinking on what I want to do with it.

Den before

Still working on the den, but this is how it is so far.

I have already posted pictures of the bathroom since we painted (above), but Clint recently framed the mirror. It looks so much better.

I still plan on painting the cabinet.


Lindsey said...

Looks wonderful sister! Hope to see it in person one day :)

The Rice Family said...

Well it's about time :) I have to say it all looks wonderful! I wish I had the time, patience, and decorating sense to do things like that. Maybe one day we'll win the lottery and I can just pay someone to do it for me haha. Hope all is well!!

Tara said...

It looks great and the curtains were a great find! I am in desperate need for a deal like that right now. I need curtains for my bedroom and a bathroom but I am too cheap to buy them or buy the fabric.