Tuesday, September 8, 2009

In Love with the Lowcountry!

Aww, we just returned from our amazing mini-vaca to Charleston, SC. It was pure heaven. If there was ever a place to make you feel the rich heritage of the South, it has to be Charletson. We stayed in Mount Pleasant, which is about 5 minutes from downtown Charleston and about 3 minutes from the beach. Simply, the best of both worlds! We spent all of our beach time on Sullivan's Island. It wasn't too crowded and the weather couldn't have been better. I think God knew this girl needed a break!

We stayed at the Plantation Oaks Inn B&B. Our hosts were lovely and the food was great. But, the best thing was our view outside. Their home looked out into a clearing of mossy-covered oak trees. Beyond the trees was the marsh. It was so picturesque! Not far from their home was the Boone Hall Plantation home which has one of the longest moss-covered tree lined road. Roll down the windows with the breeze blowing in and look up at the trees...ahh, it was great! The home was also featured in one of my favorite movies, The Notebook. We also drove less than a mile from our B&B to visit William Pinkney's house. He signed the United States Constitution for South Carolina. It was a beautiful place full of old, very unique trees. (I know, who would have though trees would make me so happy, I loved them!)
And, the Lowcountry did us right by way of food! The first night we ate at a local favorite in Mount Pleasant called Locklears. Hands down the best crab cake I have ever put in my mouth! All melt in your mouth crab meat, no fillers!

The next night we ate at the Swamp Fox restaurant in the Frances Marion hotel in downtown Charleston. I had an amazing BBQ brisket along with pepper jack grits and yummy red rice...mmmm! We of course walked off our meals (well at least some of it) by either taking a stroll along the beach or walking down Rainbow Row dreaming about living in one of the breath taking homes! As if we weren't pooped enough from each days activities, we had to end it by browsing some pretty cool antique stores in the area.

I really just couldn't get enough of the history in this area. I didn't want to sit down for one minute because there was so much I wanted to do. Clint was so good about doing whatever I wanted to do or taking me where ever I wanted to go. I think he enjoyed his time too. He got some quite time in the early morning on our screened in porch drinking coffee while I slept in. (FYI: I found out that 8:00a.m. is considered "sleeping-in." This coming from someone who can only "sleep-in" til 5:45 a.m.!!)
We had such a wonderful time and I'm already planning what I want to do the next time we visit Charleston.
Lighthouse on Sullivan's Island

Outside our B&B
Our B&B's boardwalk to the dock in the marsh
Boone Hall Plantation
Tree lined road leading to Boone Hall
Charles Pinkney's house
Rainbow Row


Tara said...

I loved my trip to Charleston but it has been so long I want to go back! I really want to take Brad with me. I love the southern charm too and the architecture alone is enough to keep my interest. Then there is the food...shopping...plantations...thelist goes on and on. I loved Boone Hall too! The trees were my absolute fav! Beautiful place. Thank you for taking me back there. Hope to get to visit again soon!

The Pollard Family said...

that looks like a beautiful place, I might have to go see that for myself.