Sunday, August 23, 2009

A blog update

I do apologize to those of you who read my blog (if there are any of you still out there). I have been neglecting it just a bit lately. It's true what everyone says about being a home owner: It can be a blessing and a curse since there seems to always be something that needs to be done. However, we are looking at it as a blessing and trying not to let the projects consume our days. (Although, Clint seems to be better at this than I am.)

This weekend we made the decision to forgo painting since Clint is still fighting off a cold. Instead, we took it easy. We finally got around to walking around Kingsport's downtown area. We love the fact that it is lined with antique stores. And nothing makes for a better day in my mind than browsing around antique stores all day. That's exactly what we did and then of course went for some frozen yogurt, yummy! And both of us found some treasures, even better!