Saturday, October 18, 2008

Learning a new script

Since I have a little time off, I decided to do something I've always wanted to do: take a calligraphy class. Most of you know my love for stationary, office supplies and note cards. I have always enjoyed sending cards and letters in the mail. I think, especially in today's world with technology, nothing is more personal than a handwritten note. While I do love e-mail, there is something to be said about opening your real mailbox and getting that good old fashion snail mail!

A few years ago I purchased a calligraphy pen with the hopes of teaching myself. Nice thought! After printing off a "how to" guide, I set forth to try my hand at this craft. One problem, I couldn't figure out how to get the dang ink working with the pen. After one ink stained shirt and two ink soaked hands, I gave up.

Fast-forward to a few months ago before my cousin Tom's wedding. While visiting my family in Jackson, my aunt asked me if I would address Tom's rehearsal dinner invitations. The request sparked an idea. If I could learn calligraphy, I just might be able to do this as a side hobby. I decided I would try again to learn. One difference...I would not try to undertake this myself. After moving here, I began looking for a calligraphy class. To my luck, I found a beginners class offered at the local Hobby Lobby (I love that place)!

I quickly realized having an instructor was a smart move. It really is like learning to write your letters all over again. I remember in 3rd grade having to practice our cursive letters everyday. That is just the kind of practice you need for calligraphy. I took the intermediate class today. I had a wonderful instructor who really had a heart for teaching. I feel so much more equipped to learn this art from her instruction.We'll see how it turns out. So far I'm really enjoying it!


Lindsey said...

that is so cool Mish! I expect a pretty letter in the mail soon :)

Katie said...

That is so neat. Hobby Lobby has so many classes. Though I have never taken any, they do seem interesting. It's always nice to have great teachers too.