Friday, October 31, 2008


Happy Halloween! I know it's been a little while since my last post. I have been substitute teaching most days of the week now, so I'm staying pretty busy. Yesterday and Weds. I had 5th graders. A bit different from subbing in high school where I can kick back and read my book all day! The teacher found out I was certified and asked if I would mind teaching a lesson to them. So, between that, an unexpected fire drill (every substitutes worse nightmare) and their anticipation for Halloween, it was a CRAZY day. Clint and I did manage to carve our pumpkins last night. We have been so busy this week and almost forgot! We went really simple and turns out that both our jack-o-lanterns look goofy. But, I think that is how we were feeling since it took longer than we thought and it was getting late! I'm not sure if we will get any trick-or-treaters at this house. But if we do, Chloe will be back in her chicken outfit and ready to greet them!

We were too tired to pose with our pumkins. Since it was Chloe's first Halloween, we let her.

Looks like she is leaning towards her favorite...mine!

Clint's goofy guy. I was impressed he free-handed this one!


Lindsey said...

Happy Halloween Mish!

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

The pumpkins look great! I love goofy faced pumpkins!