Wednesday, October 1, 2008

We're In

We are all moved in! I'm sitting here typing with Chloe in my lap and we are exhausted. Really, more me than her! It's taken a few days and there are still boxes to sort through, but for the most part we are all set up. I'm going to paint the living room on Thursday (yellow is not really my color!) and then I'm going to take some pictures.

In the mean time, I am still continuing the job search. Still no luck there. I am still holding on to the faith that God has a plan and it will all work out. If nothing works out in a few weeks, I will start looking in a different direction. I've never really been one to think any kind of work is beneath me. (Although, I must say that I'm not really the best with physical kind of work...ha!) If I gotta sell jeans at the Gap to make a paycheck that's what I'll do. I never understood people who remained unemployed because they couldn't find a job. I'm looking for a job in my field of study. But hey, if that doesn't work, you can always find a job, it just might not be a career.

In other news, the fall weather is here and that makes this girl happy! We have had our windows up and the front screen door open from the first day we moved in here. We haven't even touched the AC and haven't needed to. It feels wonderful! It reminds me that I need to start changing out my summer to fall clothes. I hate jackets, but love long sleeved shirts!

Now that I've found most of my belongings in the boxes, I thought I would post a few pics of Chloe from the past month. She loved her time at the lake house. She is still looking for her buddy Charlie and doesn't understand why he's not here to play anymore. We'll have to take her over to Joe and Lo's for a play day real soon!
This was after my dad helped us move all our belonging into the Budget truck. He was getting in some playtime with his "grandpuppy!"
I love this picture of her with her flower necklace. We went to eat dinner in Jonesboro during "Music on the Square" and picked up her a little present at the cutest dog shop. Jonesboro has the sweetest downtown I have ever visited. If you have never been, you should take a is the oldest town in TN after all!

I thought this was a funny picture. She looks like she was "caught" and she was. She had her nose stuck in Clint's stinky work shoes...gross!


Lindsey said...

you are already such a mom with Chloe and I love it. Thanks for sharing the pics :)

Anonymous said...

i love jonesboro, that is where my aunt lavon lives we go there every year. she attends the methodist chirch there in downtown its sooo old and pretty! glad you are moved in,

Katie said...

Yes, I too loves Jonesboro. My aunt used to live there and I remember going when I was little. I may have to journey back soon. Glad you are all settled. Good luck on the job search.

The Smith's said...

Chloe's pics are adorable!

Yes, Ashley updated the header for us once I sent her a picture of Kreid. I felt horrible to ask, but she's so gracious about it. And it turned out so cute. :o)

I am glad you guys are all settled in. I can't wait to see the pictures. I am taking the kids to family weekend tomorrow, so I will let you know how much of your hard work pays off. :o)

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

I have heard great things about Jonesboro! I know it is a sigh of relief to finally feel settled. I will pray for you on the job search!