Tuesday, April 29, 2008

She keeps growing and growing

Chloe will be 5 months in May. I cannot believe we have had her for over 2 months. She has grown so much in that short time. I'm so proud to say that she is completely crate trained and house broken (with the exception of a few accidents). That task was the hardest thing Clint and I have ever done together...but so worth it! She has learned to sit and stay and bring the ball back. Clint continues to work on other tricks. She is just so smart. I mean, poodles are the 2nd smartest breed, but she amazes us daily. Anyway, I thought I would show how big she is now.

Our little puppy when we brought her home.

Fluff ball a month ago

Her new hair cut. I think she lost 10 pounds just from the trim!

Our little centerfold


Lindsey said...

aww look at her... she looks so cute with her haircut :)

Susan said...

How sweet my little grand-dog looks with her new haircut!Maggie would think so too butttttttt..Shes kinda sorta jealous,she looks so darling and growing sooo fast these days,go Chlo