Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still Missing

I have had many of you ask me about the missing mother and daughter story I posted earlier. They are still missing and have been now for 4 years. Casey (our student worker and sister to Jennifer) and her family held a vigil for Adrianna and Jennifer a few weeks ago (to mark the 4 years missing) and it didn't turn out as they had hoped. Since, they were last seen at the boyfriend's house, that is where they held part of the vigil. Things got nasty when gunshots were heard. Obviously, this is still a very emotional for Casey's family. I don't know how many people actually take the time to read my blog, but I would like to ask each of you to continue to keep Casey and her family in your prayers.They simply are at a loss as to what happened. Sometimes, the element of the "unknown" can be the hardest to deal with. Even though authorities presume they are dead, obviously, the family does not want to until they know something for sure.

The Nashville news covered the story of the vigil:


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Wow, that is heartbreaking for sure. I will pray that the family can get some closure to this very soon!