Monday, April 21, 2008

O Weekend, How I Love Thee

If ever we needed a weekend, this would be the one. This past week, Clint and I had been workin hard for the money. We both had been pulling some major overtime. So, this weekend couldn't have come more quickly. Friday night we did nothing because I was working. Saturday, we took Chloe to get groomed, ran some errands, and then pretty much lounged around. Saturday night we went to my friend Tinsley's house and meet up with our other friends Matt and Andrea. We all have dogs so Chloe got the chance to run until her hearts content with the other pooches. After grilling out and chatting a bit, we headed to Clarksville's annual music festival, Rivers and Spires. I actually was in charge of Thursday's music, so it was nice to be an observer for once! The big attraction for the night was the country group Lone Star. However, some of Clint's work buddies were playing on the Christian stage, so we went to see them instead. It was a fun night, but boy, were the 3 of us pooped!

Chloe and Molli high-fivin on their new friendship!

Macho men and their macho dogs. (Don't let this fool you, they love their girls!)

New Friends: Chloe Davis, Molli Palomacki, and Maggie Hembree


Lindsey said...

aww you are having doggie dates ha!