Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Holocaust Survivor

GPC with Nesse Godin

This is a picture from our Tuesday night's program. We were so honored to have Mrs. Nesse Godin come speak to our campus about her life and survival from the Holocaust. Nesse is one of the sweetest ladies I have ever met. I was very fortuate to be able to spend all day with her on Tuesday and most of Wednesday morning. What an incredible lady! She was born in Lithuania and survived the Lithuania Ghetto, the Stutthoff Concentration Camp, four labor camps and a death march. She will turn 80 in a few weeks, but she has the spirit of a 30 year old. For most, listening to these accounts is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. In eighth grade, I actually heard another Holocaust survivor speak of her horifing years in the Auschwitz concentration camp. I feel so priviledged to now have heard 2 descriptions of history. Hopefully, sometime very soon, Clint and I can take a trip t0 Washington to visit the National Holocaust Memorial Museum. Nesse volunteers there and promised that she would give us a personal tour. I was so moved by her presentation. I walked away from that night realizing that none of us in this country have ever experience true suffering.


Lindsey said...

wow that is awesome!

Katie said...

Makes me think of Ms. Kirkham's class all over again. :)

Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

I thought of Ms. Kirkham also. That is great that you actually got to meet and spend so much time with her. There arent many survivers left so that is incredible.