Friday, March 14, 2008

Bidding a farewell to the ol' Honda

Well, we hope so anyway! Clint has a '93 Honda Accord that has been a good car to him over the years. Great, actually. He has had a few minor things that have needed to be replaced, but over all it hasn't given him any trouble...until now. In the past 4 months we have had to replace the battery and the heating system. The air conditioner is out, but he wasn't going to worry about that until it started to get warm outside. (Yesterday, he could have really used the air!) He came home from work today and said, "Guess who has a headlight out!" Oh, geez!
We have been saving for another car for him since we first got married. We knew the day would come when we would be putting more into the car than it is worth. I think the day has come. He uses his car for work, so we really need to find a car soon before it absolutely kills over :) I'm so grateful that I married a man with the same belief about cars. We both would never finance a car (don't get me started on this) and neither of us have a desire to drive around brand new vehicles. Our car philosophy has been confirmed by the Dave Ramsey class we have been taking. I won't say much more about this because most of America feels differently. Anyway, the hunt is on! Living in Clarksville (AKA: Car dealership mecca) you would think it would be easy to find a good used Honda or Acura. Not so my friends. The ones we have found have either been ragged out or supped up by the army population. Please pray for us as we search. I'm just waiting for Clint to come home one day and tell me the car has finally died!
P.S. If any of you are thinking of selling your car or know of someone that is, please let us know. We defiantly have a budget, but we are also not looking for a new year car either.


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

Oh thats a hard one. We have went through this a couple of times too. Good luck with the search!

amanda rice said...

Good luck on the search!!
I wish we didn't have a financed car, sad thing is it probably won't be the last. Hopefully it will be but chances aren't very high. :( Anyways, it's a great thing that you have money saved up. If we hear of anything in this area we'll definitely let you know. Have a good weekend!!!

Lindsey said...

go for an accord mish! the civics are too granny.. trust me :)