Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Boys are 2 months

We made it to 2 months with these little fellas. It certainly hasn't been easy but they are smiling now and that's when things start to get fun. They are such a happy addition to our family!

Bond (L), Sullivan (R)

Sullivan (L), Bond (R)



Anna Ruth's 4th Birthday

I'm still in disbelief that Anna Ruth is 4 years old. It is SO hard for this mama to believe. I think I may want to keep her this age forever, she is so much fun!

We decided to celebrate her birthday at the Hands on Children's Museum with her cousins. They had a blast! We then went over to Nana and Pappy's house for pizza, cake and every little kids favorite- presents. 

On her actual birthday, Anna Ruth got to celebrate at school. We took cupcakes for the class and her teachers went out of their way to make her day special.

Boys are 1 month

Sullivan (L) Bond (R)



Birth of our Boys

June 2, 2016 our boys made their entrance into this world. I was scheduled to have a c-section on Monday, June 6th but they decided to come on their own terms. My water broke that Weds night and they were born at 2:07 am  and 2:08 am on Thursday morning. I labored for a good long while before they got everything ready for the emergency c-section. It was certainly a night I will never forget!

We waited to share the names we had selected until they were born...for various reasons. But, we had their names selected for awhile. Clint wanted to see the boys before we decided who was going to be who. Baby A came first and we knew immediately that he was going to be Bond Scott. Baby B, Sullivan Lawrence quickly followed. Both were considered premature because they were born at 35.5 weeks. Bond was 6lbs 3oz and Sullivan was 4lbs 11oz. Clearly, Bond had been stealing a little food from brother!

All my prayers were answered because neither had to spend any time in the NICU. My sweet boys were finally here!

Such a different experience from Anna Ruth's c-section

Part of the team that helped deliver our twins


Mommy and Sullivan

Our boys

Anna Ruth getting her first look at her new baby brothers

Bond & Sullivan gave their Big Sister a gift

Friday, April 1, 2016

Celebrating our Boys!

This past weekend, Anna Ruth and I went to Knoxville. My sister and friends wanted to host a shower for the boys. It was just what I needed! I've always said that the only time you really have all those you love together in one place is either for a baby, wedding or funeral. It was a wonderful morning with some of my dearest friends and family. Thank you ladies for helping us get ready for these boys!

Cute shower game

 25 weeks

Friday, February 26, 2016

It's a BOY...x2

Look who is going to be a big sister to two brothers! Allowing this little lady to keep her title as the family princess. Clint and I both were totally fine with whatever the genders ended up being but I really like the idea of them both being the same. Hoping that will allow them to be closer, especially as they grow up together. We are very excited about our boys!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Our Big News

Shamefully, it's been a few months since my last post. But, we have been so busy with the holidays and our big news that I'm just now getting time to write. Most everyone knows by now (especially, if you have seen me lately) that we are expecting TWINS in July.

Anna Ruth practicing for 2 babies

In November, Clint and I went in for the first ultrasound. I was so busy praying to hear a strong heartbeat that I almost missed the ultrasound technician say it looks like 2 babies. Honestly, we have been walking around in a fog since, ha!

Pregnancy is such a blessing and trying to imagine what life with twins and a (almost) 4 year old will look like can be pretty overwhelming. We have both said repeatedly that the Lord would not have blessed us with these babies if we could not (somehow) handle it. My goal from the beginning has been to take this journey one step at a time. I'm not allowing myself to think/worry about what it will be like once they get here. I'm focused on doing everything I can to get these babies here safely. While pregnancy is a blessing it can also be scary. So many things can go wrong and when there are 2 it can double those things. But, I am relying on God's peace.

It's funny what people say/ask when you are pregnant. One thing that bugs me is when someone ask if we had them naturally. Meaning, did we do IVF. We didn't, this was all the Lord's doing. But, what does it matter. What if we had? Would that make it less special? I realize people's curiosity speaks before they really think and some may simply wonder if there are twins in our family trees (and we do). And maybe one might also ask because identical twins are not hereditary. But, we are told our babies are fraternal and that can be based on the gene.

Either way, I so excited to begin feeling kicks, hiccups and movements of two little ones. We should find out gender soon, if they corporate! Please remember us in your prayers as we await their arrival.