Monday, August 27, 2012

She's Here!

On Thursday, August 9th, we welcomed Anna Ruth to our little family. We hadn't expected her to arrive so quickly, but she came out healthy and perfect, so we wouldn't have had it any other way! I had been experiencing high blood pressure for 2 weeks prior to her delivery. When I went in to my doctor's appointment that morning, my bp was extremely high. My doctor (who is so wonderful) asked me if I had a bag packed in my car. When I said yes, she immediately sent me to the hospital and said she wanted to start Pitocin right away so that we could have this baby soon. I called Clint, who was in Bristol working, and told him to come as soon as he could, but not to rush since it would likely take awhile for anything to happen. I then called my mom to tell her she might want to start making her way up here since she had a 2 hour drive. And lastly, I called Clint's mom to let her know. She said she would come on over to the hospital so I wouldn't have to be alone and I'm so grateful she did!

It wasn't long before my doctor was in the room and breaking my water. She gave the instructions to administer the Pitocin. Right before the nurse hooked up the medicine to my IV, my doctor came back in and explained that she was a bit concerned for the baby. She said that I was having a few minor contractions on my own and every time I did, the baby's heart tones would drop. She said she was fearful that once the Pitocin started and I was having heavy contractions, that this little girl would not be able to withstand hard labor. She was also concerned about her size. She recommended a C-section. I really did not want to go that route, but at that point I was so worried about Anna Ruth, that I didn't care how she got here as long as she was safe.

I called Clint and told him. He was on his way to our house to pick up his overnight bag and to take a shower. I quickly told him to turn around and head to the hospital because the doctor said we were just waiting on him to get there. I really don't remember too much after that because it all went so quickly. Looking back, I'm grateful for that because it didn't give me time to worry. I was admitted into the hospital at 10:30am and our little girl was born at 1:24pm. The minute I heard her screaming cry, I lost it myself. As Clint went to take pictures of her and show her off to the family and they finished up with me, the sweet anesthesiologist continued to wipe away my tears and tell me how beautiful she was. I will always be grateful that God blessed us with such a wonderful team of doctors and nurses at Indian Path. They eased our fears and took such good care of us.

As for our little baby, she is, like I said absolutely perfect! So cliche, but so true that the minute she was born, our world changed...and so much for the better. There are no words to tell anyone how I feel about her. And also, there are no words to describe the feeling I have when I see Clint holding her, singing to her and loving on her. We thank God every day that He made us her parents because she was SO worth the wait!

Daddy suiting up for delivery
Getting ready to head to the OR
7lbs, 7oz and 20.5"

One happy Momma

One proud Daddy

Mimi Suz holding her for the first time
Nana's first snuggles
Showing her off to her great-grandparents

Getting some loving from Pappy Joe

So glad my momma made it

30 minutes old

Our family of 3

Precious baby