Monday, July 30, 2012

37 Weeks & Counting

Hello last few weeks of pregnancy! (At least I hope.) Don't get me wrong, I want my little girl to stay in there as long as she needs to be healthy and strong but I am READY to not be pregnant anymore. I'm thinking the crazy hot weather has a little something to do with it coupled with the fact I cannot breathe, remember what it feels like to have feeling in my fingers or not have fluid sloshing around in my swollen feet and ankles.

All that to say, I will take my blessings in whatever form they come. Can you believe that large belly below does not have one single stretch mark?!? The human body really is an amazing thing. Every day I look at it in the mirror and marvel at the fact my skin can stretch that much. Just another daily reminder of how awesome our God is to create the female body in such a way that it takes on such different shapes to help bring life into the world.



Little Blue House said...

You look gorgeous and VERY much like I did. Petite pregnant ppl. Bless us. I never had a stretch mark either. Thank your mother... totally genetics. Can't wait to meet this precious baby girl!

Katie said...

How sweet you look but I know you are SO ready! Hang in there!