Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Changes

Yes, what would it be like in the Davis world if there were not constant change? Last week, I worked my last day with the State. I start my new job next week. I have to say, this was the shortest employment I have ever had. I think I was bragging a bit too much about how short of a commute I had. Well, looks like the great governor of Maryland decided to prove me wrong. In the fall, my former company will be moving to Baltimore. And this girl couldn't handle even the thought of an hour and a half commute, one way. I am certain my nerves would have been a big ball of mess by the time I made it home. Not to mention parking would have run me a cool $200 a month. No thanks! I'm so thankful that the job market is so much better here because I was able to find a new job pretty quickly. Even though I will still be working in close proximity to home, it will still probably take me, at the most, 30 minutes. But, I'm a-okay with that, especially since I will return to a college campus.

In the mean time, I have been checking things off my major "to-do" list that has been adding up since I had not had time because of work. I feel so productive. So much so that I have been trying to convince Clint that Chloe needs a stay at home mom! Yeah right, we all know that I would go nuts, especially since all she does most of the day is sleep. But, I am enjoying my time before I start my new job. And can I just say, I think I have started more new jobs than anyone else I know...hey, there might be a book idea in there somewhere.