Thursday, February 10, 2011

Moving Confirmed

We got word this week from the moving company on the date they will be coming to pack us up. After a month of knowing this day would come, it still doesn't feel real. On my last day of work, I felt like I was just going on vacation and would see everyone when I returned. I think one reason it has not really sunk in is the fact that I am not having to pack anything. (I smile everytime I think, write or say this!) When everything is cleared out of our house and Clint and I are left in one big empty place...maybe then it will hit me. (If anyone needs a really cute house in a wonderful neighborhood, we've got one for you.) For now, I am doing the necessaries that come with a move, but one thing I am NOT doing is packing! And that my friends, is one reason why I believe I still have my sanity during the crazy whirlwind. :) Next time I post, it will be coming to you from the great state of Maryland!



The Pollard Family said...

Good luck Missy, I wish you guys the absolute best!!!