Sunday, February 20, 2011

The fun is just getting started

As we are getting settled (i.e. unpacking all our MANY boxes) we have been able to squeeze in some fun. We took Chloe to the dog park that is less than 2 miles from our new place. I think she was a little nervous around all the other dogs but we hope after a few more trips she will start to enjoy it more. Yesterday, we took the metro to DC. It was a sunny day but the winds were very extreme. I almost fell over a few times. (It was kinda funny.) So, we decided it was a perfect day to go to the Smithsonian American History museum. Out of all the neat exhibits, I was most excited about seeing the ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz. They were on tour when I went back in 7th grade. There were quite a few people crowded around them but I was determined to get my picture! The great thing is that I can now go visit them any time! When we can back to Annapolis our power was out from all the high winds. So, we thought the best plan would be to order pizza and eat in front of our new fireplace where Clint had started a fire to keep us warm. The power did eventually come back on that evening. Our neighbor said it was pretty unusual to have a power outage since we are on the same grid as the Naval Academy. That must be why it was restored so quickly.

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Little Blue House said...

Missy- thank you for the sweetest Valentine card! I'm so glad things are going great for you guys! I've been thinking about you a lot.
You look great in these pictures, btw!

Mariellen Cherry Rigby said...

I want to see pictures of your new place!! I am sure I will be so freaking jealous. Everything about Annapolis is cute!