Saturday, December 13, 2008

"We want to wish you a Merry Christmas..."

After sending out over 50 Christmas cards and doing my best to calligraphy each envelope, I am finally finished! I love sending and receiving Christmas cards. I especially love picture cards because in some cases it is the only time I "see" family or friends for the year. Even though it takes a bit longer, I still like writing a little note and personally signing them. Although, I have gotten some pretty cute digital photo cards and might move in that direction eventually.

I mentioned earlier that Brooke was gracious enough to take our pictures again this year. Clint and I could decide on just one and settled on 3 of our favorites. So, if you recieved a card from us you got one version! I thought I would share our Christmas card collection. Happy Holidays!

And below is the one Clint wanted to use! Ha! We should have taken this picture AFTER the Thanksgiving meal. He really would have been straining to hold me up!



The Pollard Family said...

I love the pictures, your and his eyes both stand out tremendously, but that is a good thing because they are a beautiful blue!!

Lindsey said...

loved my card and the calligraphy too!