Thursday, December 4, 2008

Happy Birthday J.Leigh

Yesterday was my sister's 28th birthday! When I was younger I would have thought that sounded old, but since I'm not too far behind that it really doesn't sound too old now! J.leigh has always been a caring older sister to me. Even when we were younger she would look out for me. That's not to say we always got along, because we didn't. In high school I use to get so angry because I was know as "Jessica Bond's little sister." And if any of you have a beautiful blond haired green eyed sister, you will understand why that was! But, now I can honestly say that I'm proud to be the sister of such a loving, outgoing girl. Love you J!
Girls and Babydolls
Sisterly love
With my mom and maid of honor


The Smith's said...

All I can say is *high five* for the, ever-wonderful Rainbow Bright doll behind you. It makes me wish I was five again.