Thursday, September 11, 2008

No Job? What's a girl to do??

The main answer to that is to try to find a job...ha! I have been unemployed for little over a week and each day that goes by I seem to work a little harder at finding a job. I'm really trying to enjoy this time (as so many of you have instructed), but it's hard for me. I'm think I am a working girl at heart. Don't get me wrong, I love sleeping in, but ultimately I seem to be waiting until Clint gets home. Granted, I am doing things to be productive. I can't just sit around all day. We do have things that I can take care of before we move into the house. I'm sure once we move into the house I will have more to do. Scratch that, I KNOW I will have more to do. Right now, Lo and Joe are spoiling us. Again,not a bad thing! :)
I am glad that I have gotten back into my morning jog routine. They past 2 weeks wasn't able to run because of my cold and then moving. My morning runs here are so much more scenic. In one jog I get to see mountains, hills, and the lake. I cannot wait for the fall!
Clint is still enjoying his job. He is sore from all the lifting, but that is expected. He likes the guys he works with too.
My camera cord is packed away under a hundred boxes in our storage. So, for now I cannot post any pictures. Once I get that unpacked, I will post some pics.