Saturday, September 6, 2008

Killing time during the Florida game...

As most of you know, Clint and his family are big Florida Gator fans. (I know, it's sinful! But, we love to give each other a hard time.) So, while they are watching the game and I'm not, I thought I would take a moment to post. After a busy few days saying goodbye, packing, cleaning, loading and unloading we made it to East TN. We have loaded everything into temporary storage until we moved into a rental. Funny to think all our worldly possessions fit into one storage unit!

We are going tomorrow to hopefully sign a lease on a rental house. Then, we get the pleasure of loading up another truck and moving again. But, that probably won't be for a few more weeks. For now, we are enjoying spending time with our very, very gracious parents. Have I mentioned how blessed we are with wonderful family?!? Tonight, we packed up some burgers and chips and loaded up the boat. We took a nice boat ride to a cove and had a picnic dinner. It felt so great outside!
Clint starts his job with Pepsi on Monday. Please keep him in your prayers. We know he will be working a lot harder initially, but if there is one thing my husband is it's a hard worker! I will be continuing the job search and praying for God's direction. So far, His blessings have been abundant!


Eric & Tabitha said...

Hey, Melissa! I'm glad to hear you guys are settled in a little bit in East Tennessee with your in-laws and having a good time! I'm jealous that you had a picnic in a cove on a boat ... that sounds splendid! I checked your blog to check on the move and to see if you could tell me the name of the tailor you used here in Clarksville. If he or she was good, would you send me the name of the place? I have to get my dress for my sister's wedding hemmed! Thank you so much. And enjoy a little time relaxing ... you deserve it!!

Lindsey said...

so glad you guys made it safely but honestly the thought of you being in east tennessee and enjoying time on the lake without me makes me so SAD and jealous :( oh maybe one day we will be back there too close to our Aunt Mish! Call me soon you unemployed girl.. enjoy it while it lasts ha :)