Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reality Check

Most all of you know that Clarksville is a military town with Fort Campbell Army base being located here and in Kentucky. Clint and I knew when we moved here, there would be some adjustments to living in a town that has a fluctuating population depending upon deployments. That is about all we assumed. I work in a office full of women and with the exception of one of our Graduate Assistants, I am the only woman who isn't either married or engaged to a military man. To say I do not understand their life is an understatement. These women amaze me at their strength. Yesterday, we found out that my boss's husband and my other co-worker's fiance are scheduled to for deployment to Iraq. Our other GA is dealing with this already because her husband has been in Iraq for 3 months now. All of these ladies are newlyweds or will be once the deployment occurs. I simply cannot imagine having to go 12-15 months without seeing Clint...especially in our first years of marriage! I know how easy it is for us to forget about the soldiers overseas if it is not in the news or directly influences us in some way. But, the truth is, they are still over there fighting. And living here is a constant reminder. My hearts go out to the families who have to be so strong during these times. Please continue to pray for our troops, their families, and our government!


Brad, Tara, Cooper and Connor said...

My heart goes out to those women! I cannot imagine how difficult it is to be parted from your husband for that long in such a dangerous environment. God Bless the troops and their families!

Lindsey said...

Man that is no fun at all and I will definitely be praying for them. It is good that they are all together in a community so that they can go through it together i guess.. but yes it would definitely be SO HARD!