Friday, January 4, 2008

JD is married!

Over the Christmas break my high school friend JD got married. I was so pleased that it worked out that I got to attend. She surprised us all a month ago when she announced that her wedding would take place in December instead of May. But, no sweat, I just rearranged some trips and there I was! (I told Clint not to worry, I was a master at planning road trips.)

The wedding was so nice and the bride was beautiful. It was great hanging out with the girls again for awhile. Our old friend Charissa even showed up, who by the way caught the lucky bouquet. Jessica tossed this bouquet at her wedding and I fought JD for it (and won). Not long after that, I was married. JD caught the same bouquet at my wedding and now she is married! Watch out Char, that thing is H-O-T!! We all had such a great time. We love you Mrs. Jackson!

Lindsey, Jessica, JD, Me, Lindsey
With the Bride
Char,Lindsey, Me, JD, Jessica
David and JD Jackson


Lindsey said...

great pics mish.. thanks for sharing :)