Thursday, May 31, 2007

Happy Birthday Bridget!

June 1st=My best friend's birthday

Friday is Bridgy's birthday and she is going to be an old lady!!! Not really, only the big 2-5. Bridget and I met each other my Freshman year in ADPi. Our love for watching movies, singing obnoxiously loud and off key, American Idol (thanks to me), Miss America (thanks to her), Nicholas Sparks books, among other things, will keep us friends forever. We met our other roommate and best friend,Sarah (who will get the tribute on her b-day) the same year and moved in together. We shared many hilarious times during the two and a half years we lived together. Bridget has always been the friend that I feel I can be my silliest with. She brings out the best in everyone she is around! I thank God everyday for bringing the wonderful friends I have into my life, but today, especially, I want to thank him for my Bridget!! Love you Homie B :)


Anonymous said...

MY MIIIISSSSSYYYYY!!!! Congrats on the JOB!!!! WOW that is awesome!!!! I didn't know you had a page here...whatever this is! haha. I was getting bored with M'Boro anyway.....CLARKSVILLE HERE I COME!!!!! hahaa.

Okay, thanks for making me cry!! haha. Wow, a tribute...that is so cool...I feel so special!! I miss you tons! Those pics are great... good times, good times!! I thank God for you and your friendship!! You are SO special to me!!!!

Love you bunches!!!! BRIDGIE

Lindsey said...

YAY for Bridgie!!!