Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Graduation~May 5th

I thought I would post a few pictures from our graduation. This event got a little overshadowed by our wedding, but it still was a very important time in our lives. So, I wanted to share some of these with everyone. Clint and I are both working part time jobs at the moment until we find full-time work. Clint is still at 20/20 Research and I am starting in the admissions office at MTSU tomorrow. The thought of not having full-time jobs is, at times, stressing both of us out. However, we are very thankful that we have some sort of income :) We know that so many others don't even have that. We know God will provide.


Lindsey said...

I am so proud of you Mrs. Masters Degree!

Katie said...

Congratulations to you both. What an accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Yay - I'm glad to read about you, too! I have been loving looking at all your pictures on here and facebook. You were a gorgeous bride! I am so happy for you. L&L, Melanie