Friday, October 16, 2015

Fashion Show

It's defiantly not a secret that I love dressing up Anna Ruth. Clint calls it one of my hobbies--I'm fine with that! My absolute favorite is dressing her for church. And just like with everything else, I have to take a picture before we leave the house, to document her cuteness! 😀  Some of my recent favorites:
Of course I loved this tulip dress so much that I had her pictures made in it. Everything from the color to the style is so sweet.
Vintage dress I found--I think I can let the hem out of this one and get another year of wear.
Custom smock dress--again, should be able to wear next year too. I love Swiss dot fabric!
Earlier in the summer. This jumper has hidden pockets which always get the seal of approval from AR. Like her mama, she loves a dress with pockets!
This is another favorite. We have worn it multiple times. "Happy as a Lark"--my Nanaw's favorite saying. Look for this dress to make another appearance around Halloween.
Clint's mother made and smocked this dress for his sister. It's going to AR's new cousin Gwyn next so she can wear!
This wasn't a church outfit. I bought this vintage pinafore off eBay. It has a really sweet story that I'll have to share sometime. I love little girl's vintage dresses!
She has her church bag and is ready to go!
By far, this cherry dress is one of my favorites!
Explaining parts of the leaf to me...cute AND smart!
Again, not church but an everyday outfit. I love her in pink!
And this is for my records to have proof that there is still some blonde in her hair!