Monday, August 10, 2015

The Big 3

Our little lady turned the big three on Sunday. In some ways, it seems like only yesterday that she was a tiny infant but in others it’s hard to remember life before her.

-School. Sometimes, she even asks about going on Saturday. She loves being with her friends.

-Peanut butter & Jelly. It is still holding strong for favorite meal. She would eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner if she could. It’s always a good indicator that she is sick if she refuses a PB&J. But, that being said, she has started eating more and is less picky than she was this time last year…thank you Jesus!

- TV. We limit her television/iPad time so when she gets to watch it, she is glued! Current favorites are still Curious George, Sophia the First and Mickey Mouse.

-Books. Even though she enjoys her TV time, she still really loves books. We can spend hours on our bed or in the rocking chair reading book after book. I’ve had fun sharing my favorite childhood books with her this year.

-Singing. You never know when she will bust out in song…she is 100% our child!

-Playground. Many fits have been thrown when it’s time to leave the playground. I think she would be perfectly happy to live at the Warrior’s Park playground.

My Precious Anna Ruth,
I simply cannot believe it’s already been another year and you are three. For some reason, mommy is having a hard time with this birthday. You seem so grown up now and want to do everything by yourself.
You talk from the minute you wake up to the very second we put you down for bed. And, we sure wouldn’t have it any other way. I begin smiling when I pull into our driveway once I get home from work because I cannot wait to see you. As soon as I walk in the door you scream, “Mommmmmyyyy” and run into my arms. I hope I always remember that feeling of joy…because little love, you bring me such great joy!
As time continues to pass, I think there is no way you can make us any happier and you always prove us wrong on a daily basis. You are such a cheerful girl that can be so sweet one minute but show your sass the next. You have mastered the pouting lips and enormous tears when you don’t get your way. (This is where your Mimi Suz would say I’m earning my raising, for sure!) But, you are learning your boundaries and what it feels like to not always get what you want. I promise that it will serve you well in the future. 
I look forward to watching you learn and grow over this year. I look forward to so many more fun times together with you and daddy. I look forward to seeing your personality continue to shine and reveal itself. But, most of all, I just look forward to being your momma! 
I’m praying every day for your future. And, I’m praying that you come to understand that as much as your daddy and I love you, the Lord loves you so much more, special girl!
You will always be my sweet baby,



Her gift from us was waiting on her when we returned home from Dollywood. She has been telling us for awhile that cribs are for babies, so we knew she was ready for a big girl bed. She was so excited about it!


aingram said...
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aingram said...

Her big girl bed is beautiful! Happy birthday Anna Ruth!!

aingram said...

Her big girl bed is beautiful! Happy birthday Anna Ruth!!