Tuesday, February 11, 2014

18 months old

How can it be possible that my baby is already 18 months old? Well, impossible to believe or not, she is!

At 1.5 years old our spunky girl is so full of life and on the go. I want to try to always remember what she is like at this age. Currently, she:
-still really enjoys books 
-is obsessed with Elmo & Curious George (book or TV format, but we prefer books)
-is working on dropping the morning nap, we have been so blessed to have 2 naps until now
-sleeps with a "blankie"
-uses her potty chair at least once a day
-sings ABC and know most animals and their sounds
-folds her hands when time to pray
-can navigate the iPad better than most adults 
- gets excited to go to church and play with her little friends
- says "okay" instead of "yes", which is extremely cute but we are working on it
-loves her Nana (Nanny) & Pappy's house
-shouts "dance" any time she hears music and starts to twirl around
-likes to be tickled, especially from daddy
-still is pretty much a momma's girl and her momma wouldn't have it any other way!
-has a love for Chloe and so far, Chloe Belle is warming up well to her 
-continues to be the highlight of our days