Thursday, November 14, 2013

Middle TN Fun

A few weekends ago, we traveled to Nashville to visit Brooke and check out her new townhouse. (Which is so cute!) This was Anna Ruth's longest car trip to date. I'm not going to lie, the ride down was not very pleasant! My child hates her carseat and being confined in any way. (I think this holds true for most toddlers.) However, the trip back was wayyyy more manageable! It makes me not so nervous about our holiday travels.

Brooke blessed Clint and me in the biggest way anyone of a small child could...she watched Anna Ruth while we went out on our own. And I mean all day and all night on Saturday. She pretty much qualifies for sainthood in our book now! Clint and I had such a nice time exploring around Brentwood and Franklin in the morning and downtown Nashville that night. We felt like we were back in college. We love you Aunt Brooke!
On the way back home Sunday we decided to make a small detour to Murfreesboro. (AR was behaving so we took our chances!) We wanted to see the new buildings on campus and introduce Anna Ruth to a very special place. We can't wait to tell her all about how Mommy and Daddy met at MTSU and how much we loved our time in the 'Boro. We stopped to pick up lunch and had a picnic on campus.

I also feel the need to give props to our other passenger. We took Chloe with us and she is a dream traveler. There was even one point where we thought we forgot her back at a gas station simply because she was so quiet... turns out she had hidden in the floor board to avoid books being thrown at her head by a certain 1 year old who enjoys that kind of entertainment. We started her on the road very early on when we lived in Clarksville and were keeping I-40 in business. Chloe Belle, you get no recognition anymore but we do still love you!!

It was a quick trip but was positively worth the drive!


Barbara Husband Haddow said...

Kudoes to you and your family! By accident I read your Blog, "The Davis Family." Enjoyed the snippets you wrote. Very cool!
I have a blog and I've named it, "One Foot in the Furrow 2013" meaning I am kind of a farm person although I don't live on a farm anymore that's where I was raised. (I prefer "Prairie Gal" but the info below won't accept my pseudonym so it is really Barbara Husband Haddow :-)
by Prairie Gal.

Brooke E. Davis said...

YAY for visiting Nashville!