Tuesday, September 3, 2013

On the Fuss Buss to Trouble Town

This is the terminology Clint and I have been using lately for when Anna Ruth is cranky, fussy or pitching a fit. Y’all it has started! Not the fussy part, remember, my child was born fussy. No, I’m talking about my precious baby who is now a toddler is beginning to act out when she doesn’t get her way. She is in the beginning stages of really testing her limits to see what works on us and what doesn’t.

Oh me oh my, let the discipline begin. I have found that Clint is so much better at this than me. For months all I wanted was for my crying baby to feel better and be a happy girl. We had a few months of straight smiles from her…it was bliss! And then, bam! We saw a temper for the first time and I mean to tell you it took both of us by surprise. I believe we had a moment when we looked at each other and without saying a single word we had the same thought cross our minds, “Where did our sweet, little baby go?” Yes, we knew it was going to happen just not at 12 months old. (Remember, we are new, naive parents here.) I try not to base her timeline off of any other babies I know simply because I learned very early in her life that every single child is different. So no matter what age my friend’s children started acting out, I knew she would surely be different.

I know that discipline is going to be hard; it’s going to be one of the toughest things we will have to do. But, I am thankful that we are one the same page. We are going to parent according to what we feel is best and how God leads us. I pray every day for AR’s safety, but I also pray that she grows up to love the Lord, all His children, and be a productive citizen in this world. And, those things can’t happen if she is a brat who always gets her way and never knows consequences for her actions. So for now, I guess she will just have to ride that Fuss Bus and it may sometimes lead her to Trouble Town. But, I pray that the Lord will prepare Clint and me for how to best handle her and guide us to showing her not only our love but His love as well.


Mariellen said...

Oh Missy it's so so hard!!!! I still cry especially after baby number 2 after I get on to him I hate it!!!