Wednesday, June 19, 2013

10 Months

Oh my big girl! Where has the time gone. I love this stage but I see how big you are growing and I simply cannot believe we are already at 10 months! You are the joy of our days little lady. Here are just some of your 10 month milestones:

-You are still our petite girl. When you went to the doctor last month you only weighed 14 lbs and 12 oz. (Yes, you are getting enough food!) Dr. Estes wasn't worried, she just said you might be petite. And, that is okay with us...especially Mommy's back!
-Still eating baby food but have started eating larger pieces of food. Your favorite lately seems to be cheese. You are finally getting the hang of the sippy cup, although you haven't quite mastered holding it and getting it to your mouth yet.
-You have started putting some food in your mouth. You don't do it all the time but when we tell you to you will try your best. Mommy isn't too worried about this because she knows it won't be long before EVERYTHING will go in your mouth.
-You are clapping all the time now. When I come to get you up from a nap you sit up on your knees and clap, clap, clap
-You have rhythm! As soon as you hear music you start moving, makes daddy proud
-You LOVE other children. As soon as you see another child you smile and laugh at them. You are glued to their every move.
-Still napping at least twice a day for an hour and sometimes get in a 3rd nap that might be 30mins-1hr
-Continuing to have your bedtime around 7ish at night. Waking up at 4:30am to nurse and then sleeping until about 6:30ish. However, last night you didn't wake up and slept through until 6am!