Monday, January 14, 2013

My Talented Husband

This past Sunday, Clint did something I've been waiting on him to do since we met. He sang a solo at church. He is such a talented musician and it's something I don't think most people realize. He was in a band in high school and sang with them and I think did a few open mic nights in college, but nothing since then. In fact, I had never seen him sing before an audience. Yes, he plays guitar with the praise and worship team at church, but had not shared his vocal talents. I am so proud of him!

God has blessed him with these gifts and I'm happy that everyone got a small sampling of what Anna Ruth and I have the privilege of hearing every day. I so hope that she loves music as much as her daddy.

Below is the You Tube link to the video of him singing yesterday. (You will need to copy and paste into your browser. I haven't figured out to hyperlink with this app.) Video quality is poor since it was with my phone and I had someone else record it but you can still hear the song and that's all that matters.So turn up your volume and enjoy!