Thursday, May 31, 2012

And the Parenting Advice begins...

Until I got pregnant, I had no idea how opinionated and outspoken some people could be. Especially on things like what you are/or are not eating, how much weight you are gaining, what you MUST have before baby arrives, your test results, etc. I read this post on Kelly's Korner about getting parental advise and I feel she is spot on with exactly how I feel up to this point.

I'm mainly referring to unsolicited advice. Part of being a new mom (or mommy to be, in my case) is figuring some of this out for yourself. I am the first person to ask those I trust for advice when I feel like I need it. In fact, I have gotten some really good tips on books to read and product reviews from friends and family. But I do not appreciate people trying to give advice just to make themselves feel better about their parenting style. I realize that many people have good intentions and may really want to help, but it still doesn't make it any less annoying. I've discussed this with a few of friends who are new moms and we all have a good laugh about it because it seems to happen to every mom.

And, I know it's only going to intensify once she is born. I'm so thankful for Clint who has said on numerous occasions (while trying to calm down my pregnancy hormones) that we are just going to do what we think is best for Anna Ruth and what we know to be right and if that happens to go against what someone else says, that's okay. I do love that man!