Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday Morning in Ellicott City, MD

This morning Clint and I got up and thought it looked like a perfect morning to go find some yard sales. We resisted the urge because for 1) our townhouse is already filled to the brim with "junk" and 2) people don't really have yard sales around here ( must be the reason for so many consignment shops). So instead, we decided to visit nearby Ellicott City. We had both heard from numerous people about how neat the downtown area was there. They were not kidding. It has to be the cutest downtown I've ever seen. It has an old English feel to it with cobblestone paths and trickling streams. It was a bit over overcast but that made for a perfect cool breeze. We browsed through the many antique stores, but of course did not buy anything, see reason #1 above. But, we did visit the local florist and Clint bought be a bouquet of white favorite flower. Perfect ending to a great Saturday morning!


Anonymous said...

I've been to Ellicott City and it is adorable! We've been wanting to come to Annapolis, so maybe we can meet up.