Friday, July 22, 2011


And I mean real traffic. Not that little back up stuff that I occasionally experienced in Knoxville or Murfreesboro. (Although, at the time, I thought it was bad!) I mean bumper to bumper, parking lot traffic. Below are pictures from yesterday's (Thursday)commute home. You will notice the killer traffic was going the other direction. I am extremely lucky that my commute going to and from work are not the congested directions. That is due to the fact that I am not headed into D.C. or going home to Baltimore. The fun little pictures below explain why we have not and are not going to the beach until after summer. We are only about 2 hours away but thanks to the Bay Bridge, which happens to be the only access to the beach, that time doubles and can triple if there is an accident on the bridge. We have learned that many people take off Friday so they can head over to the eastern shore Thursday afternoon to miss the maddness. So that should give you an idea of what Friday's mess looks like. Heaven help those crazy people who live "over the bridge" and have to put up with this everyday. It's amazing what people will put themselves through just to live by water.

Now, I realize traffic is always worse somewhere else (NYC, LA) but this is by far the most extreme I've witnessed. Just thankfully, I'm not usually stuck in it!

Look on down, can you see the line of cars? It was backed up for miles and miles.