Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Latest Obsession

A few months ago Lo introduced me to the Twilight series. There are 4 books in this series: Twilight, New Moon,Eclipse & Breaking Dawn. So far I have read 3 of them. (Thank you Lo and Brooke for letting me borrow them.) I am waiting until Lo finishes the 4th book. I am dying to read it, but no rush Lo!

When I first heard about these books I was a bit skeptical just as I was with the Harry Potter books. If it wasn't for the required reading in my Children's Literature class I probably would have never understood what all the hype was about Harry. Honestly,I really don't get into the sci-fi, mystical, or magical story lines. But, after a few pages of the first book, Twilight, I was hooked on all of Bella's adventures.

If you don't know or haven't heard, these books follow the main character Bella, who moves to Washington State to live with her father and falls in love with Edward who turns out to be a vampire. Yes, I know, I know. Just from that description, I would have never tossed a second glance at the book either. But, just take my word for it. You will find yourself lost in the story and thinking it perfectly normal to be reading about vampires and werewolves.

I'm so excited because this weekend the movie based on the first book will be opening in theaters. Even though he hasn't read the books, Clint has promised to take me to see it. What a good husband he is because I'm sure that is the last movie he wants to watch! We will probably be in the theater surrounded by mostly middle-high school age girls.

These books are a huge hit with the preteen-teenage girl population. (And a few of us older gals!) I was finishing up the third book one day while subbing in high school and few of the girls noticed what I was reading. They instantly came over to me and asked how I liked the book. You would have thought we were talking about real life events the way we got into it all. I have had a few other times when students have asked me if I've heard about the books. When I tell them I've read most of them, they first looks confused/suprised (like why would I be reading these books) and then they get excited because they have someone else to talk about it.

So, if your up for a light read...I highly recommend these books!



Lorenia said...

I'm on page 505....i'm hurrying!!!

Katie said...

I have heard lots of great things about this series. I may just have to get started on this. :)

Anonymous said...

They are the best aren't they. They were all the rage last year in my Literacy class! I am planning on going to the Midnight showing of the movie on thursday and i CANNOT wait!!!