Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Survival of the Hatchie, part Two

This past weekend we survived another year down at the Hatchie River Bottoms. I say part two because this was Clint's second year, this was my 25th year. I have been taking part in this family tradition since birth. I usually tell people that aren't aware of our yearly trip down the dusty roads that we are just going to a family reunion. However, I would venture to say that this is not like most family reunions. It's almost like stepping back into time, with the exception of electricity (only lights and fans, no AC), motorcycles and four wheelers, and a water tank. Other than that, we probably celebrate just the way my ancestors did way back in the day. This is camping at it's finest including the two seater outhouse.
I think Clint keeps having a better time each year. Which is totally understandable because it is a man's paradise. Although, the women hold it down pretty well! This year, my dad surprised Clint with his first shotgun. I know nothing about guns (much to my dad's dismay), so all I can tell you is that it's camouflage and 22 inches. That's probably about as much as Clint knew too when my dad put it in his hands. But, after a few rounds of pistol and skeet shooting, I do believe his skills improved. Well, enough to protect us from intruders if need be! He also practiced on the motorcycles to get ready for when my dad gives him the bike that already has his name on it. I have requested that he have a few more lessons before we take it home with us. (I can already see the mother I'm going to be!)
We had a great time and I do have the mosquito bites to prove it...all 56 of them on my legs (you think I'm kidding, but I'm not).
I'll post pictures of our Independence Day weekend soon.


Mariellen Cherry Rigby :o) said...

Missy you guys go to the Hatchie River?? It runs through Bolivar and I never knew people vactioned there. I can't wait to see the pictures! haha

Miss H said...

I love all these new updates, Missy!!

I have a new blog address-- please update your records! :)