Wednesday, February 6, 2008

The latest addition to our wall

As many of you know, my husband is very talented. (Thank goodness, otherwise our kids don't stand a chance!) He is super talented when it comes to music and arts. I am convinced he could learn to play any instrument by ear before I could even figure out where to place my fingers! He loves to sing and make up song on his guitar and piano. Our second bedroom has turned into a mini recording studio of sorts. One day, I hope we have a big enough space so that we can devote an entire room to his music. After visiting his parent's house a few times, I noticed they had a few paintings that Clint had done in high school. They were really good. I was a little mad that he hadn't told me about his hidden talent. I mean, let's be honest, if I could do half of what he does, I would be telling everyone :) Of course, that is probably because I can't!
We took one of his paintings when we were there for Christmas and got it framed. This weekend we hung it in our hallway. Everytime I pass that picture, it makes me proud to be the wife of such a gifted man! It will definatly be a special heirloom that we can pass down to our children.


Lindsey said...

wow Clint that is AMAZING! he and mason should get together ha... they are definitely the chosen ones b/c i know if we tried there would be nothing but stick figures... and not even good ones at that :) ha