Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hatchie Bottom

On Friday, Clint and I are leaving for Jackson. Every 4th of July weekend, my dad's family gets together for a little fellowship and holiday celebration. Pretty much this just consists of good food, sitting around talking, riding 4wheelers and motorcycles, shooting skeet, more food, and just relaxing by the swamp getting bit by mosquitoes. It really is a lot of fun, except the last part. My family's property is right along the Hatchie River bottoms, which is probably not the best location to be at when you are sleeping at night on a screened in porch. Nonetheless, traditions are traditions. I'm very excited to introduce Clint to this one. Let me just say that most of the men that have married into our family have either loved this weekend or hated it and vowed never to return to the hot and muggy location. But, the ones that love it, wouldn't trade it for anything. If you think about it, it really is a guy's dream. You don't have to take a shower (although one is available via a water tank and tarp) and the great outdoors double as your bathroom (the women are lucky and get to use the plush accommodation of the 2-seater outhouse). Once conversation begins to bore you in front of the box fan, there is always something to do. You can take your pick of motor vehicles, play cards or a heated ping pong match, fish at the river, go on a walk or bike ride in the fields, shoot fireworks, or go on a night ride in the back of a pick-up to a civil war cemetery! So, if you ever find yourself w/o 4th of July plans, you are always welcome to follow us down a dirt road 30 minutes outside of Jackson to our rustic cabin hidden in the cotton field. There's sure to be an endless supply of food and hours of conversation.


Lindsey said...

I wish the Isham's could join you... that sounds right up our alley :) Have fun!

Tabitha said...