Friday, October 16, 2015


No typo here...GatlinBURGER is what Anna Ruth calls it. Recently, we took a long weekend and headed to the Smoky Mtn. Of course that meant a visit or two to Dollywood. With season passes (thanks Joe/Lo) we have turned into a DW family. Clint and I probably love going as much as AR does now. We also took at drive up in the National Park and saw the gorgeous fall foliage. We had a great time!

Dollywood day 1
Anna Ruth's DW show debut. She interacted with the cast so much during the performance that they brought her up during the last song. Our girl isn't shy to take the spotlight!
Group photo with the cast
And of course, felt the need to hug them!
Moving on to our scenic drive up the Smoky Mtns.
This is what AR saw on the ride up...
And was a wee bit upset when I told her to take the sucker out for a picture.
"Fine, put it back in..." Notice the switch in mood that occurred in less than five seconds! Ahh, 3 yr olds!
Back at DW- day 2, season passholder's breakfast
Happy Fall Y'all!