Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Giving it a Go

Not until I went to set our blog to private did I realize that it would require everyone to sign in with a gmail account or if you don't have one to create one, just to view our blog. I don't really like that idea. Although, there is the option of viewing it for a trial period, I think maybe 20 days and then that expires and I would need to send out another invitation for those who don't have gmail to view for another 20 days. So complicated and I know it's all to gain more gmail users. However, this is a free blog so I guess maybe I should have expected it. We'll try it for a few weeks, but if it seems like too much of a pain, I'll just go back to public viewing. I just really like the idea of private, but like I said before...what's really private anymore?!


Melanie said...

Hey girl - another thing that can be problematic about private blogs is that they don't update with new posts in a Google Reader (which is how many ppl read blogs so that they can read all the blogs in one place and only see what's new instead of going to visit them individually). I think even though I am signed in with a Google account to view your blog and to have it in my reader, it still won't update the reader with new posts since it's private (which I think is dumb bc I'll never remember to go check it alone).

All that to say - I totally know what you mean about wanting to censor your readers a bit. I think about it sometimes myself. But just wanted to share another caveat of the private blog. :)