Friday, April 17, 2009

Week in Review

Wow, another week has come and gone. It's finally the weekend!! Last weekend was filled with birthday celebrations for Ryann, Ben and Lo. Lo's birthday was on Easter so we all got together on Saturday to eat dinner, cake and open presents. It was so nice to have everyone together, minus Brooke. (We missed you!) No one was more deserving of a celebration than Lo. She continues to amaze us with how well she is recovering and dealing with chemo. A true blessing...we love you Lo!

Clint and I are staying pretty busy with work so we don't have time for many things during the week. However, recently we have been obsessed with the following two things:

1) TV show Lost--Brooke got Clint's parents watching the seasons on DVD. Once they finished one season they passed it on to us. We started with the first season and watched a few episodes each night. We finally finished the last season last week and are anxiously awaiting the current season to finish on TV so it can come out on DVD.

2)Skype--Again, another thing introduced to us by Brooke. Since we have a built in camera on our new laptop, we have been able to use this program. For those who don't know, Skype is basically a video phone. You can "call" anyone who has a web cam,Skype (which is free) and is online. So far we have talked to Brooke in Arkansas and our little Ryann in Knoxville. It's more personal than a phone call and a great way to stay connected with people.


Lindsey said...

um need that skype name please! Griffin will definitely want to talk to his Aunt MISH :)

Mariellen Cherry Rigby :o) said...

I LOVE LOST GIRL!! This years season is confusing, but I am to hooked now to quit. You can watch it on if you don't want to wait.